How Height and Gender Can Get You Within Three Sizes

According to Dr. Mike Berend, generally, a 5’4” female isn’t going to get a 58 mm cup. Likewise a 6’2” male isn’t going to get a 52 mm cup. After studying thousands of hips, he noticed that the average size for a female is 54 mm and for a male is 58 mm. Using this information, right out of the gate, it’s possible to get within a couple of sizes of the implant that will be needed.

Likewise, he noted, shorter females, under 5’6”, are going to be in the 48-54 mm cup range. Females taller than 5’6” are going to be in the mid-50 mm’s. Usually, the smallest size needed for a male is a 54 mm cup, but it’s possible to end up in the 64 mm cup for a large male.

Dr. Berend notes that if by knowing where the peak of the bell curve is for your patient, it’s possible to start with the right implants in the room.

Interview with Dr. Mike Berend on file at Zimmer Biomet 2018

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