Patient Presentation

Being prepared to change the management plan

No two patients are the same and determining the management plan will depend on a number of factors. Dr. Christopher Peters shared some insight on how he develops his management plan. He identified three key areas to consider for each patient that visits his office:

1. Pre-existing medical conditions

We aren’t going to worry as much about a 45-year-old healthy male or female that has absolutely no medication use from an overall health standpoint. In contrast, someone who smokes, has a BMI of 45, and is on several different medications for blood pressure and diabetes is a totally different situation. We take this into consideration and let it drive our management plan for each patient.

2. Diagnosis

We consider whether a patient has osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, avascular necrosis, or sequali of pediatric hip disease. For example, if they’ve had four operations as a kid or have screws left in the acetabulum or femur, we may need to adjust the management plan.

3. Anatomical factors

A patient with osteoarthritis could present with protrusio acetabulae, or a coxa vara that is three standard deviations outside of the norm, or a dysplastic patient presents challenges on both the femoral side and the acetabular side. Any anatomical factors such as these will impact the management plan.

Interview with Dr. Christopher Peters on file at Zimmer Biomet.

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