The Top Three Revision Discussions at Winter CCJR

1. High Revision Surgery Success Rates Are Reported with Jumbo Acetabular Cups

A presenter at the Current Concepts in Joint Replacement (CCJR) Winter Meeting estimates he uses jumbo acetabular cups in 95% to 99% of his acetabular revision cases.

Paul F. Lachiewicz, MD spoke of his group’s published studies. He discussed implantation technique, good exposure and use of screws as being key in their findings. Check out the full story on Healio here.

2. Dual-mobility Cups May Mitigate Dislocation

Is dual-mobility a viable alternative to a constrained liner? Craig J. Della Valle, MD discussed this topic and urged surgeons before considering to understand the route of their patient’s instability first. Check out the full story on Healio here.

3. Uncemented Short Stems Can Help Restore Hip Biomechanics and Preserve Bone 

According to Martin A. Buttaro, MD at CCJR, leg-length discrepancy was found to be better offset with a short, cemented stem as well as address Dorr A-type femurs by avoiding narrow canals and fix the stem in the neck and the proximal metaphysis. Read the full story coverage on Healio here.

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